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AOL Chat Transcript

Question: How many people are in your group?

Chris: Three. Chris, here on guitar and vocals, Trav on drums, and Scott on double bass.

Question: If you had the opportunity to interview someone for an hour, who would it be and why?

Chris: Maybe one of the Beatles, just because it's such a big influence, and just to be in the same room chatting with those guys, they have so many interesting stories and they've pretty much been and done it all. Probably Paul McCartney.

OnlineHost: Do you keep in touch with your friends and family online?

Chris: Yeah, we've got a laptop computer on the road with us. You can send us e-mails through that. We keep in contact with postcards and telephone as well. If anyone wants to contact us, it's

Question: What bands do you like the best on the "Warped" tour?

Chris: Rancid was the big thrill about playing that was playing with Rancid, NOFX, and The Specials, are like legends. There were a lot really.

Question: What other bands do you guys like?

Chris: At the moment, I've been listening to Elvis Costello, The Hellecasters, Metallica. I'll give you a broad idea of what I listen to. The Clash, Sham 69, mostly heavy kind of rock and roll guitar stuff.

Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Chris: Play my guitar, believe it or not! But other than that, probably just write songs. I mean, it's pretty hooked on the old music, so yeah, playing guitar or writing songs or watching TV.

Question: What do you think of Men At Work?

Chris: I quite like some of their songs, but they're a pretty good indication of Australian music 15 years ago. Yeah, I think they wrote some great songs. They don't do much in Australia anymore, so we don't see them much. Colin often plays in pubs around town.

Question: Do you ever think you will be working [with] bands such as Rancid, Deftones, Sick of It All, or any other band in the near future?

Chris: Yeah, for sure! Any time! We'd love to. We like both of those bands. We'd have to have an invitation first.

Question: What is that on the cover of the self-titled CD?

Chris: It's an old photograph called "Women Workers in a Shell Factory," and it's from 1920 or something, and it's actually women workers in a bomb factory working while the men are off at war. We wanted it because it symbolized a lot of things being thrown into a mix, thus causing a sort of explosion, so we thought a bomb factory symbolized our music because it's a lot of things thrown in together, and you don't know how it's going to end up.

Question: What was your band’s main influence?

Chris: Well, for me and Scott it would have to be The Stray Cats, and for Trav, I don't know. I think he's really into things like Suicidal Tendencies and a lot of punk stuff.

Question: How old are you?

Chris: Well, I'm 24, Scott's 24, and Trav's 26.

Question: Do you like Silverchair?

Chris: Yeah, I love them. I think they're a great band. Super talented songwriting.

Question: Do you have AOL?

Chris: I'm not really up with a lot of computer stuff, but we've done a few chats like this in Australia.

Question: How did The Living End get started?

Chris: We started from high school in '92. Scott and I were playing ‘50s rock 'n' roll tunes and met Trav a couple years later. We began writing our own tunes and basically just pulled together the different styles of music that we loved, and started playing whatever kind of came out.

OnlineHost: What is your favorite part about touring?

Chris: Probably, other than the 45 minutes onstage, the traveling side of it. Seeing a different town every day, doing what I like to do, and seeing the world.

Question: Where are you guys now?

Chris: We're in Los Angeles, in a studio rehearsing madly.

Question: How did you think of your name?

Chris: Well, we got it from the old ‘50s movie called "Rock Around the Clock." We just thought it was a cool saying. It's basically an old ‘50s saying for it's cool. "Yeah, that's the living end." We just thought it was also neutral and wasn't heading in any direction and that was good.

Question: Do you guys have girlfriends?

Chris: Well, Trav and I have girlfriends. Scott doesn't, so there you go.

OnlineHost: How do you think the Australian music scene is different from the United States?

Chris: Well, the US is obviously a lot bigger, but other than that, I don't think it's that different. Australia is multi-cultural in a sense, and there are a lot of different styles of bands playing.

Question: Have you ever seen a kangaroo?

Chris: Yes, but not as often as you probably think. We don't have them in our backyards, but you can see them out in the country.

Question: What would you say has been your best show this year thus far? Roseland?

Chris: Roseland was pretty good. The 3 nights we did there in NY were pretty amazing. Other than that, a gig in Toronto was pretty good.

Question: How is touring in the USA?

Chris: It's great. I can't really complain. It's a really big place and we've seen so much of it. It's an awesome country you've got here.

Question: Are you guys going to do an "Oz" tour when you get back?

Chris: Yeah, there is one planned for September.

EAMusic1: Scott is now going to join us.

Question: Do you have a favorite singer?

Scott: Yeah, I'd say Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil.

Question: Have you ever seen a kangaroo?

Scott: Yeah, I've got about eight living in my backyard, just like every single Australian does!

Question: Do you have an accent?

Scott: No! YOU'RE the ones with accents! Yeah, I suppose I do.

Question: How did you get into the music business?

Scott: I started playing piano when I was in high school.

Question: What is it like having girls scream over whatever you do, and always wanting to meet you?

Scott: I don't know. You'd have to ask the Backstreet Boys that question! We're not good looking enough to know. We're too ugly!

Question: Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Brian Setzer?

Scott: No. I don't think so, but thank you, it's a compliment.

Question: What will the next single off the album be?

Scott: We don't know for here, but we know in Australia it's going to be "West End Riot."

Question: Where is your favorite place to play?

Scott: A pub called the Esplanade Hotel in my hometown of St. Kilda. It's my local pub.

Question: What kind of music were you into on the 1980s?

Scott: Typical Aussie rock stuff, AC-DC, Midnight Oil, and Rose Tattoo.

Question: Do you guys still play ‘50s rock and roll?

Scott: Only very occasionally.

Question: Where did you go to school?

Scott: I went to school in Wheeler's Hill in Melbourne.

OnlineHost: When are you going to play Australia?

Scott: As soon as possible, which will be around August-September.

Question: What are you rehearsing?

Scott: We're rehearsing a Duran Duran cover for an Australian tribute album. We're doing "Girls On Film." Everybody loves Duran Duran, they had some of the best hairdos of all time.

Question: Have you guys seen the movie "The Living End"?

Scott: No, I've heard of it, but I don't think it's the kind of movie that I'd enjoy.

Question: Do you guys have a website?

Scott: Yeah, we do. I think we've got two. It's, and there are links from that one to other ones as well.

Question: How did you ever write the amazing instrumental, "Closing In"?

Scott: Chris wrote it, and he did it while he was studying guitar. He was studying jazz guitar actually.

Question: How long have you guys been together?

Scott: Chris and I have been together for about 6 years, and Trav's been with us for about three and a half.

Question: Do you like touring with The Offspring?

Scott: Yeah. Absolutely!

Question: Do you like touring, and do you miss your parents and family?

Scott: Both. I like touring, but I do miss my parents and family a lot.

Question: Do you like being famous?

Scott: I don't know. That's another question for the Backstreet Boys.

Question: How hard is it to jump and balance on your bass while playing?

Scott: It's a lot harder than it looks, but it still takes a fair bit of practice. I've had my fair share of falls.

Question: Who inspired you guys?

Scott: The Stray Cats, I'd have to say, originally.

Question: Did you really teach yourself to play the bass?

Scott: Yes, I did, with a little help from some videos and stuff. Just watching Stray Cats videos. It's hard to teach yourself. To be good, just practice, practice, practice.

Question: Have you ever met any aborigines that listened to your music?

Scott: Yes, lots.

Question: Have you met heaps of famous people while you're over there?

Scott: Yeah, I've met a few. Mostly here in Los Angeles.

Question: Who was the most fun you've met?

Scott: Probably Green Day.

Question: Do people compliment you a lot?

Scott: Occasionally.

EAMusic1: Do you want to say anything to your fans?

Scott: Thank you, and keep in touch!

EAMusic1: Thank you very much, Scott and Chris. Ladies and gentlemen -- The Living End!