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About Chris

Full Name: Chris Cheney

Birthdate: January 2nd, 1975

Age: 24

Place of Birth: Glen Waverly, Melbourne, Australia

Marital Status: hes got a girlfriend

Part in Band: Vocals, guitar

Favorite Bands: The Jam, Manic Street Preachers, The Stray Cats, The Clash

Biggest Influences: Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats and recently The Brian Setzer Orchestra) or Danny Galton (guitarist).

Hobbies: Playing guitar, and writing songs

Other Facts: Chris has been playing guitar since he was 6. He took lessons from the age of 6 until early high school. He plays a 1961 Double Anniversary Gretsch and a 1963 Gretsch Tennessean. He uses a Fender Dual Professional Amplifier, 2 x Ibanez tube sereaman pedals, and 1 digital Delay pedal.