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About TLE

The Living End is a kick ass band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1992. The Band was formed under the name of The Runaway Boys with the original members Chris, Scott, and Joey (ex-drummer 92-96). Chris and Scott were high school friends who wanted to start a band, so Scott picked up a Double Bass, and Chris had already been playing the guitar. In 1995 they changed their name to The Living End, and recorded their first EP "Hellbound" with 8 original songs. In 1996 they recorded their second EP "It's For Your Own Good" with 5 original songs, and one cover. "From Here On In", the first song on the EP got air play on Triple J radio in Australia and became a hit. Soon after they dropped Joey because of musical differences, and picked up Trav, by meeting him in a Vintage Drum shop. They recorded a new maxi single for Prisoner of Society/Second Solution in 1997 to sell during shows, but little did they know, it would become a big hit. Prisoner of Society became the biggest single of 1998 in Australia. The Living End toured with The Warped Tour in 1998, and they are currently touring again in 1999.