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Yahoo! Warped Tour Chat Transcript

SonicNetHost: Get those questions ready for The Living End, we are about to "acquire" them to have them answer your questions!

SonicNetHost: We have Chris from The Living End! Question time!

SonicNetGuest: Attention everybody, the Aussie has arrived.

chaarleene: livingend: how is the crowd in the US different from the one in australia?

SonicNetHost: Chris from The Living End is in da house (well, actually, in our cyber-trailer). So send in the questions!

SonicNetGuest: It's a lot bigger, obviously in Australia, people know the words a lot more and we travel in a big bus over here, wereas in Australia all the bands travel together

Kidinthehall317: Who are your inspirations?

SonicNetGuest: Basically, the last thirty years of music, everything from blues to rock 'n' roll to jazz and obviously seventies punk rock.

SLAYER_shall_kill_you_all_666: do you think the punk scene has gotten more violent since resent years

SonicNetGuest: I was never there in London in 77, but I would imagine it would have been a hell of a lot more violent than you're average Warped show.

Blond_Cheer_Girl_4_life: what is the weirdest thing a fan has thrown at u

SonicNetGuest: Shoes are always a weird thing, but the weirdest thing is a framed cartoon of us that somebody threw on stage in Australia.

SonicNetHost: Throw some questions at Chris, he's representin' The Living End! They already played today.

lindielv: Do you prefer being on a smaller label to being on a major? Do you feel you get more personalized attention?

SonicNetGuest: They're different, on the indie label they couldn't give us the time or attention that we get from Reprise over here.

chaarleene: chris: so you're pretty much very well known in australia already? how have you guys progressed in popularity you think here in the US?

SonicNetGuest: We've noticed a radical difference since last year's Warped and since the Offspring tour in February, we're noticing just more and more people knowing the words, which is the coolest thing about doing a tour in a different country.

SonicNetHost: Chris from The Living End is here, so ask him some questions! Australia is indeed in the house. And so is today's episode of the 1999 Warped Tour.

cursemakr: what do yall do for fun after a concert

SonicNetGuest: Pretty much just relax and watch other bands and drink beer and I play my guitar and hang out with my girlfriend.

MetalRucKus: Some people feel that The Warped Tour completely contradicts the word, "punk." Would you agree with that?

SonicNetGuest: It depends what your definition of punk is.


SonicNetGuest: There's no bands I don't get along with...I'm not really down with all the rap stuff, but I'm sure that they've got good messages behind the music, I just don't know.

SonicNetHost: Chat with Chris from Australia's The Living End, your chance is now.

jeremydork1: Do you guys like the fact that you're have been compared to the Green Day of Australia?

SonicNetGuest: Well, dork, it's not a bad thing, we could be compared to worse and I think they're a mighty band.

T_H_E_L_I_V_I_N_G_E_N_D: why does trav pore water all over his drums for effect? or some ritual?

SonicNetHost: We're chatting with Chris of The Living End right now.

SonicNetHost: Chris has time for a few more questions, then prepare yourself for more Aussie maddness with Grinspoon!

SonicNetGuest: It's pretty much an effect, I think he stole it from the guy from Midnight Oil...the only problem with doing it is sometimes water gets in the microphone and the stage manager gets pissy.

skeem1212: what kind of beer do you drink chris???

SonicNetGuest: Any kind, bring it on.

KoRnyBitch19: Chris: what do you think of todays music scene and bands like Limp Bizkit and KoRn?

SonicNetGuest: I'm not really from that backround, I actually like some of Korn's stuff, as far as heavy metal goes I like more of ACDC's and Rose Tattoo's style, seventies metal.

grungie_99: Does Living End have a web page?

SonicNetGuest: Yea, there's actually quite a few. There's an official one that's run by us three, which is

MagnetoUSA: How is Trav celebrating his bday?

SonicNetGuest: He just got a new drum kit, but we're probably just going to out tonight for dinner and get plastered

leia_182: Chris...where did you meet the other members of the group?

SonicNetGuest: I met Scott in high school and Trav at a music shop a couple years later.

They_call_me_Lurch: when you were growing up what bands inspired you?

SonicNetGuest: Hey Lurch, you rang?

SonicNetGuest: Hey Lurch, you rang?

SonicNetGuest: Stray Cats, The Clash, Elvis, The Jam, too many to mention....

silverdolphin84: Are you working on a new CD right now?

SonicNetGuest: We've written quite a few songs, but we're not recording until later in the year.

jen1_15: When did The Living End come together?

SonicNetGuest: Basically in 90-92, but started as a cover band, changed to originals in about 95.

mx_chic14_69: What's your biggest goal in life right now?

SonicNetGuest: To go home to Australia would be nice. Pretty much just keep playing live gigs and record another album.